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In my search for material I found a collection of short stories by the author Kate Chopin. In the late 1800’s, in a deeply religious South, Chopin wrote about women in search of self-realization and sexual experience, and the sacrifices women make to achieve emotional freedom. Her work was called immoral and perverted. But she stood her ground and kept writing. She was the first feminist writer of her time— and she lived it. She kept her husband’s business running, she wrote to support her family, and she withdrew from the expected female-socializing, like playing hostess and attending parties. 

One particular story stood out to me. 'Regret' is about Mamzelle Aurlie, who made a choice not to marry, being content and happy by herself. She wears a man's hat about the farm, and an old blue army overcoat when it is cold. One morning, her neighbor brings her four children over to the house and begs that she watch them because her mother is ill. Aurlie agrees but is not entirely sure how to care for the children. She finds it chaotic and confrontational. After many fights and human intimacies between this loner and the wild children, she establishes some means of caring for them properly.

Just when her heart has opened to the children, their mother arrives to collect them and the children rush over to greet her. In their wake, Aurlie takes a seat at the table. The experience has opened up new emotions, both wonderful and sad. The film closes as she cries with loud sobs, while her dog licks her hand. 

This 12 minute short film will be shot in a historical location. My focus as a director will be on conveying the depth of the characters experiences and the impact that their relationships have on one another.

Visually, my reference points are Days of Heaven, McCabe & Mrs Miller and Mudbound. I am interested in the way directors like Terrence Mallick, Copolla and Fellini were able to capture spontaneous and poetic soulful moments but also utilized cinematic technique and sound editing in a masterful way to engage the viewer and tell the story.

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I’m Ione Skye and I am directing a short-film adaptation of Kate Chopin’s REGRET, starring the brilliant Jeanne Tripplehorn. We are raising money with the support of this amazing non-profit organization, WOMEN MAKE MOVIES— because women do make movies. There always have been female "easy riders and raging bulls", women who made and continue to make great cinema. Still, women directors represent a small portion of film makers. I am grateful to be supported by this great organization who have made it their mission to balance out the gender disparity in movie making.

Ione Skye

Ione Skye is a filmmaker, an actress, a writer, and a painter. She made her acting debut at 15 in the thriller River's Edge before gaining mainstream exposure for her starring roles in Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything... and Allison Anders’s, Gas, Food, Lodging“I was raised by a struggling single mother and didn’t have much academic support, but I was creative and loved films. Now with 30 years experience on sets, I have learned about filmmaking from all angles. I love directing. I have directed shorts and music videos with friends and artists like Sofia Coppola, Zoe Cassavettes, Margret Cho, Natasha Lyonne and the punk band, Against Me! 

Jeanne  Tripplehorn

Jeanne Tripplehorn began her acting career in theater, including Anton Chekov's Three Sisters on Broadway. She made her film debut in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct and went on to starring roles in The Firm, Waterworld, and Sliding Doors among many others. She is best known as leading character, Barbara Henrickson, on the HBO drama series Big Love, and as Dr. Alex Blake on the CBS police drama Criminal Minds. She received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for her performance as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the HBO movie Grey Gardens.


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